Stargazer Lily - 5/6/11 @ Grape Room - Philadelphia, PA

It's been a full 6 years since the band broke up. Technically. Of course, they've played a over dozen shows since, but not that many as a full-on foursome. They gigged two nights in a row at the Grape in May of 2011 and even gave away download cards with a NEW song (paired with an unreleased 2004-era recording of a tasty old jam). They also played that song, along with another newer one they'd been working on. For some ridiculous reason, I only went to one of the shows, but I did get some nice pics. 'Twas a great night, to be sure. Damn, miss those guys.

[photos appear in chronological order]

I hate the partial block, but the vocal expression is pure gold, so I had to include this one.

Steph rocking the Starlazer hat - but they only had one? They passed it around.

Jimmy Sunshine! With apologies to Scooter, who wsa buried in the back darkness and therefore, unphotographable.


Now you see me... you don't.

Um, ok... not sure what I captured here.

Ah, that smile. Sigh.

Busted 2.0!

I honestly have no recollection of who's on stage wearing the "I Heart Female Orgasm" shirt, but I sure wish I did.

I do know that's Mia Johnson rocking Train Song.

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