Gary Clark, Jr. - 11/10/12 @ TLA - Philly, PA

Gary Clark, Jr. snuck up on me, but I guess he's been doing this for a while. What is this? This is loud-ass, bluesy rock n' roll. My ears are still ringing a bit, but man what a great show he puts on. He's got a sly, soulful voice but he mostly lets his guitar do the talking, ripping it up without making it all about The Solo. He had a large, long, dark coat on for the entirety of the gig and didn't once have a spotlight on him while he was playing (while his bandmates did, in spots). So, the pictures are fairly dark, though some of them turned out nice. He seemed kind of shy and quiet, frankly. Killer tunes, though. His new record is really, really good. Check it out. In chronological order:

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