Jealousy Curve - 5/22/10 (Final Show?!) @ World Cafe Live - Philly, PA

I remember being a bit blindsided. I'd been out of the loop, and only mere days before the show, I found out it was probably going to be their last. Serious, serious bummer. I didn't catch on to Jealousy Curve until well after their 2nd record came out, but man that little extended EP really kicked my ass. And by the time their 3rd, Marionettes!, I was full-on hooked. They put on a ridiculous show, full of stoic guitar wizardry and outlandishly over-the-top drumming. But mainly, they just kick ass and rock. Which is what they did at this final gig back in 2010 that I am only now getting around to publishing. I remember foolishly spending a lot of time trying to get a good shot of Shane wailing on the drums. He's just a nut back there. The place was packed and they killed it. Their tune "Man Alive" is one wicked song, not to mention their instant classic "Black Widow". Miss them dudes.

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